Secure Drop Yard

Why Should Your Trucking Business Use a Secure Drop Yard?Edit


Anyone in the trucking industry knows just how important it is to get your cargo to the right place, on time, without any problems in between. If you lose track of your shipment you will lose time, money, and clients, something every business wants to avoid.


At Call Us Logistics we understand how vital it is to have a place to park your truck and trailer, and even more than that we appreciate the importance of a secure location. Using a secure drop yard for storage, drop-offs, and pick-ups, truck drivers can have peace of mind that their cargo is safe.


By using a Call Us Logistics secure drop yard, you can rest assured that your truck and trailer are being constantly monitored. We have trained guards watching the secure drop yard, as well as high-tech equipment including security cameras and computerized gate logs. Each secure drop yard is well-lit, carefully monitored, and inaccessible to unauthorized people including members of the general public. We treat your cargo, trucks, and trailers like they are gold, because nothing is more important to us than ensuring the security of our clients’ belongings.


Our secure drop yard is great for those who want security while still being able to access their trucks and trailers. We provide our clients in Canada, North America, and Mexico with accessible, affordable service. The secure drop yard is open and operational 24/7, so when you need your cargo you can have it, knowing that you, and authorized personnel, are the only people who will be able to do so. Your property is safe in our hands!


A secure drop yard is the right kind of investment to make in your tractor-trailer business. Do not leave your company’s well-being and your source of income up to chance, and do not take unnecessary risks to save a dollar. You will find that secure drop yard services fit into your budget without worry when you consider the long-term investment you are making in the security and reliability of your business.


Call Us Logistics is proud to offer the utmost in customer service and with over 50 years in the industry we know we have what it takes to move your company to the next level. Partner with us, use our secure drop yard system, and you are sure to see great results.