Newport Cold Storage

When you want Minnesota cold storage that is managed in a modern and comprehensive way, the best place to go is to North Land Cold Storage. They’re the Newport cold storage company that handles it all.

Basics: Temperature Controlled Warehousing

Any cold storage warehousing facility has to maintain the required temperatures at all times. While that may sound simple, it means that safety and monitoring systems need to be foolproof. The consistency of temperature is only possible as long as responsible employees and technologically advanced systems are in place. North Land Cold Storage has prioritized the most important features of their warehousing facilities in order to ensure that things stay cold.

In addition, North Land Cold Storage offers a variety of warehousing options to serve a complete set of supply chain management needs. From production and consolidation warehousing to dedicated distribution locations, separate needs and requirements are met with separate facilities. The result is a complete set of services that sets North Land apart from other Newport cold storage options.

Improving Business with Information

Because the system at North Land Cold Storage is completely integrated, you can optimize your business efficiency with real time information about inventory and deliveries. If you’re interested in advancing your company through cost-cutting and improved efficiency, North Land Cold Storage offers Minnesota cold storage and supply chain analysis. Suggestions will be based on what your company needs to be as efficient as possible.

The Movement of Temperature Controlled Goods

As with any temperature controlled Minnesota cold storage needs, nothing comes without being transported from place to place. The Newport cold storage services include incredible transportation services from national LTL transportation to expedited services and consolidation programs. If you’re looking for multi-vendor consolidation to help cut costs and improve the speed of delivery, North Land Cold Storage is the Minnesota cold storage company to contact.

Top Tech Drives Efficiency

To grow as a top Newport cold storage company, North Land Cold Storage has also pushed to be at the forefront of the technological revolution happening in supply chain logistics services and management. Trucks are outfitted to ensure that delivery information is accurate to the minute and i-3PL technology allows clients to check inventory levels at any time from anywhere by going online.

By keeping tabs on stock levels, providing excellent transportation, and being the Newport cold storage company of choice, North Land Cold Storage has made a name as a great Minnesota cold storage provider.