Minnesota Cold Storage

What do you do when you need a Minnesota cold storage company you can depend on? You call North Land Cold storage. The fact is that dependability and consistency are the most important traits in a cold storage company, and you can’t do better than North Land Cold Storage when it comes to being consistent and dependable. With decades of experience and a reputation for providing top-of-the-line cold storage and transportation services, North Land Cold Storage is the right choice.

Complete Package of Services

If you need temperature controlled storage, it’s likely that you’ll need someone to transport the freight from place to place in a temperature controlled truck. North Land Cold Storage is equipped with a range of excellent temperature controlled trucks that make up a complete fleet. The trucks are regularly maintained to ensure that they’re always working properly, and temperatures are monitored at all times so that if a problem should occur, a solution can be found immediately.

In addition, you can depend on i-3PL technology in all the trucks, which allows you to check the status of deliveries online. When you want to know whether you need to increase inventory at a particular location, you simply look online and you’ll find precise information waiting for you.

You can then make your orders for additional inventory knowing that you’re not over-ordering and that everything will be delivered to the warehouses just as you need them to be. All shipments are monitored and tracked to ensure timely and accurate delivery.

And Finally… Warehousing Perfection

North Land Cold Storage wouldn’t be a top Minnesota cold storage company without the best warehousing facilities in the business. You can rely on North Land Cold Storage to keep your goods in public, production, consolidation, and dedication distribution warehouses. Each step of the way, you’ll be provided with accurate inventory information and timely and precise order fulfillment because you know you can trust the warehouses at North Land Cold Storage.

North Land Cold Storage goes above and beyond other Minnesota cold storage companies. By integrating logistics technology into the shipping and storage of temperature controlled goods, North Land Cold Storage can provide their customers with just about everything. From multi-vendor consolidation to national LTL transportation, depend on North Land to do the job right each and every time. That’s why North Land is considered one of the best Minnesota cold storage solutions.